me and my trailer.jpg

I may not be Keith Richards; (they only let me play bass in our band).
 And I’ve never lived in a trailer; although I do dream about it sometimes.  Maybe that’s why they call it the blues.”

Like all great artists in every discipline, Michael Baumbruck understands the power of simplicity - hence, his gift for distilling even the grandest concepts into indelible images and charming human moments. The strength and purity of his films sets his brand of lighthearted, relatable comedy apart in a genre all too easily watered-down or over-accessorized. Since 1992, Prague-based Michael Baumbruck has been satisfying audiences around the globe by combining beautiful footage with simple, refreshing humour. As an established cameraman, he commands a deep, nuanced understanding of cinematography, which he frequently uses to light and shoot his own work. Over the years, Michael has created acclaimed spots with a multitude of agencies, such as BBDO, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, Havas and Leo Burnett, among others. His clientele covers a diverse, multinational range, including Kodak, Reckit, Skoda, Fernet, and Orange.